Living in the Sunshine State means that we Polk County residents use our air conditioners year-round. With all that use, you may wonder from time to time just how long your precious AC will last and if you need a new AC. Most Floridians will tell you how stressful it is to live without air conditioning after a large thunderstorm or hurricane in the dead heat of summer. In those circumstances, not having AC is completely out of your control until power is restored. 

However, when your AC goes caput as the heat waves rise, and it’s because you ignored the warning signs… that’s when you really kick yourself in the rear, call for emergency repair services, and get ready to sweat it out! If you’re interested in avoiding that scenario entirely, then we suggest you pay attention to the health of your HVAC system with Acu-Temp’s Tips & Tricks that tell you how to know if you need a new AC. 

You May Need a New AC If… 

  1. Noisy System = Big Problems: If you’re at home trying to enjoy a peaceful night of binge-watching your favorite new series, and you find you have to keep turning up the volume to hear the show over the air conditioner… you may need a new AC.
  2. Funky Smell & You Know it’s Not You: If you notice an unpleasant odor coming from your air vents and an air freshener just isn’t able to get the job done… you may need a new AC. This could indicate a number of issues that an experienced AC technician can discover and help you remedy. 
  3. AC is Kickin’ it for Real… But it’s Still Hot: If your air conditioner seems to run and run and run, but it doesn’t seem to be keeping the house cool and comfy… you definitely may need a new AC.
  4. Sky High Electric Bill: If your electric bill is steadily on the rise and your bank account is steadily on a decline…. You may need a new AC. An unusually high bill could indicate that your air conditioning system is working overtime without the pay. 
  5. You’re on a First-Name Basis with Several Acu-Temp Technicians: If you’ve had to call for emergency AC services more times than you care to admit… you may need a new AC. While we love to visit our valued customers, we’d rather help you get a new and improved HVAC system and then we’ll see you once a year for maintenance. 

Acu-Temp to the Rescue!  

So, don’t ignore the warning signs and wait until your system bites the dust. It never happens at a convenient time. It’s always mid-July, when temps are averaging over 100 degrees, you’ve got a big day tomorrow, the kids have just gone to bed after a dozen excuses and arguments, and then bam, it happens! The AC is out… it’s devastatingly hot and you’re stuck trying to get a hold of someone fix it quick, hoping beyond all hope that it can be fixed tonight and you won’t have to go several days without air conditioning! Oh, the horrors!  

If any of the above is plaguing your air conditioning unit, give Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling a call. Our highly skilled technicians can help you determine if you do indeed need a new HVAC system, and if so they can help you choose the best options for your home. As always, our primary concern is keeping you cool year-round. 

Emergency AC Services Available 24/7 with Acu-Temp! 

Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling is at your service day or night. We will come to your rescue if your AC calls it quits. Or, you can get ahead of the game and contact us for a consultation and recommendations for a new HVAC system. Basically, we are here to make sure you keep your cool through summer and beyond. 

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