How to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

Seasonal allergy sufferers know what time it is… Springtime! That’s right, Spring is right around the corner and with the seasonally warm weather we’ve been having in the Sunshine State, the natural foliage is already ah-blooming. Sure, it’s beautiful. Yes, we love the flowers and green yards once again. But Spring can also mean the air is heavy with pollen, and for seasonal allergy sufferers – pollen is the devil. 

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather and think you’re allergic to the outdoors, staying inside has its appeal. However, what happens when those allergens and other pollutants find their way into your home?! You may be suffering from poor air quality in your home, causing your allergies to flare. Don’t despair, your home should and can be a haven from pollution and pollen. Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling to the rescue with tips & trips on how to improve the air quality of your home. 

Breath Ease with Improved Air Quality

Replace AC Filter

Has it been a while since you looked at your AC air filter? Are you scared to pop that bad boy out because you can’t remember the last time you changed it? If this is the case, chances are your home air quality is poor at best. You may be experiencing itchy eyes, sore throat, and loads of mucus all because your air filter needs an upgrade. Let Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling take care of this messy business for you! Schedule a maintenance visitand we’ll make sure your AC filter is replaced with a filter that will live up to its name and actually do the job of catching the pollen, dust and other air pollutants so you can breathe easier. 

Run AC to Maintain a Healthy Climate

In Florida we have humidity. It’s a fact of life here in our swampy and tropical Polk County environment. That doesn’t mean the air in your house should feel as wet and heavy as the air out doors. Running your AC regularly helps to control the climate in your home and helps to prevent mold from developing. A home with little to no mold issues is a healthy home, and will definitely assist those who suffer from allergies. 

Regular AC Maintenance

To keep your HVAC system operating at optimum levels, and your air quality at an all-time high, regular AC Maintenance is a must! Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling offers affordable maintenance plansthat service the interior and exterior AC unit to ensure the air conditioning system is in perfect shape – ready to carry you through allergy seasons and our hot, hot, hot summer weather. 

Dust & Vacuum 

Since your AC is circulating air throughout your home, it’s important that you’re helping it along so it doesn’t have to do all the work! That means regular dusting (uggg, we know it’s a pain) and vacuuming to remove as much of the pollutants from your home as you can each week. We promise that weekly cleaning like this will vastly improve your home air quality, which will help to reduce any sniffling and sneezing associated with allergies. 

Air Out the House

Soooooooo, you may think that this is counter-productive as you’re letting in the outdoors! Let’s be clear, we are not suggesting you open your home up when pollen is reported at its peak. Far from it! However, when we have a bout of nice cool air come through (you never know, we may still have one or two slight cold fronts in store), we suggest opening all the windows for a couple hours to let in some cool fresh air and let out the old stale air. It’s invigorating and will give your home a dose of newness you can’t get from a plug-in air freshener. 

Acu-Temp is Lakeland’s Air Quality Expert!  

If you or your family have the sniffles and sneezes on an ongoing basis, you may need to work on the quality of your air. Why not call in the experts for help? Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling can assist in setting up a regular maintenance schedulefor your AC that will have your air conditioner working at its best. Moreover, they can replace your air filter with one that’s meant to do its job and keep the air fresh and free of outdoor pollutants. 

Scheduling a Service Call is Easy with Acu-Temp! 

We’ve been keeping Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow and all of Polk County cool since 1984. It’s our mission to help you stay at just the right temperature with your HVAC system on point when it comes to air quality. We’re available 24/7 to provide assistance and technical support, and we’ve made it simple to schedule an appointment with an Acu-Temp expert technician. Just call or visit us online, and we’ll be there for your family! 

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