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As an Approved Contractor with ReEnergize Lakeland we can help you upgrade your AC system. This program with Lakeland Electric allows you to get a 0% Loan for up to $5,000. We find that most of our customers save on their electric bill close to the same amount as the monthly loan payment. This makes it an offer that makes sense. How can you say no to a new ac system with barely any additional monthly cost. In the long run the cost savings greatly outweighs the initial purchase price.

Click here to print the application and read program details. Then call us at 863-682-3803 to provide an estimate to be submitted with the application. Below we have listed the frequently asked questions from the program’s website:

What is REEnergize Lakeland Finance? 
REEnergize Lakeland Finance is the financing component of the City of Lakeland’s broader sustainability initiative, REEnergize Lakeland. It is managed by Lakeland Electric (LE) to provide financing to eligible customers for qualified energy improvements to their homes.
What does REEnergize Lakeland stand for? 
REEnergize Lakeland stands for the proposition that the city and its residents can adopt practices and technologies that improve their quality of life while reducing costs and energy consumption. REE stands for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The program, operated by Lakeland Electric, will be rolling out additional initiatives over the next year with the objective of achieving this goal.
Where does the money come from for this? Am I paying for this in my electric bill? 
No. The funding for this program was provided to the city from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly referred to as the Stimulus bill. The City of Lakeland was awarded a $965,100 grant under the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program to reduce energy consumption city-wide. Lakeland’s strategy includes funding for the establishment of a Sustainability Office and the financing program for residential customers.
Who is an eligible customer? 
Because this is a new program, we are taking a conservative approach to eligibility. Current eligibility guidelines require a customer to: 1) have been a customer with Lakeland Electric for at least 12 months prior to applying, 2) have the highest credit rating with Lakeland Electric, and 3) be willing to grant a lien on his/her property until paid in full. Additional factors will be taken into consideration in order to qualify for the private sector financing option, such as FICO score, debt-to-income ratio, etc.
What are Qualified Energy Improvements? 
Qualified Energy Improvements are defined as either the installation of energy efficiency measures or renewable energy generation systems such as Solar PV panels. Every participating customer will have two options: to install an energy efficiency or solar system from a prescribed list of upgrades, or to have a whole home energy assessment conducted and to install measures identified as having a reasonable rate of return based on the anticipated energy savings. While LE employees will conduct the energy assessments, it is important to note that LE does not guarantee any specific energy savings due to other variables, such as a change in consumption patterns.
How much will this cost me? 
The cost of the measures can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to approximately $25,000 to $30,000 for whole home improvements and the installation of Solar generation technology. In addition to the zero interest loan offered by LE, there are a variety of other financial incentives available for these types of expenditures. For a complete list of federal incentives, please refer to the Energy Star website at or the Database of State Renewable Energy Incentives (
How do I go about taking advantage of the program? 
Simply contact the Energy Efficiency Programs Coordinator  at (863) 834-6564 or visit the Customer Application section to obtain a program application. You have the choice of selecting certain measures to install from a prescribed list, or you can have an energy assessment of your home conducted to identify the most cost-effective measures to install based on the specific characteristics of your house. Simply identify what you want to have done based on the top three recommendations from the energy auditor, obtain a project estimate from a licensed contractor, and submit the application.
What contractors qualify for this program? 
All contractors are eligible to participate in the REEnergize Lakeland Finance program, provided that: 1) they are properly licensed, insured, and/or registered to perform the type of work they are seeking reimbursement, 2) are willing to provide accurate information to Lakeland Electric regarding equipment being replaced and how long it takes to complete jobs, 3) are properly licensed to conduct business in the City of Lakeland, and 4) and complete a program application.


If I install a 4kW solar PV system, how much will that reduce my bill every month? 
The typical home in the Lakeland Electric service territory uses about 1,300 kWh (kilowatt hours) per month. A 4kW Solar PV system will generate an average of 486 kWh per month. Thus your home energy bill should be reduced by approximately 37% monthly provided that your energy consumption does not increase due to new appliances (such as LCD or plasma televisions, etc.), more people living in your home, or other factors not directly related to the efficiency of your home. Note that this amount will vary depending on your actual energy consumption.
Can I just install the upgrades I want? 
Lakeland Electric has developed a list of eligible measures that qualify for financing under the program. This list was developed to ensure a high-level of efficiency is achieved from the expenditure of the funds. For most of the measures, you can obtain a project proposal directly from a contractor for any one or more of the measures based on the characteristics of your specific home. However, for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic Technology, you must first bring your home to a RESNET HERS rating of 80 or below. For more information on this rating system and to find a qualified HERS rater, please review the RESNET website.
How much can I save by implementing Energy Efficiency improvements in my house? 
With relatively inexpensive energy efficiency improvements, it is reasonable to assume that you can decrease your energy consumption by 10-15% monthly, while deeper retrofits and renewable energy technology can achieve up to a 30-40% reduction. It is important to note that your energy consumption is largely driven by your personal habits, so you must consciously act to take advantage of certain upgrades such as programmable thermostats.
FAQ – From ReEnergize Lakeland


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