Acu-Temp’s Red Flags for Realtors

If you’re a Florida Realtor, you know that nothing kills a contract faster than learning that a home’s roof or air conditioning system needs replacing. Since we’re the experts in all things heating and cooling, we thought we’d give our realtor friends a leg up when it comes to AC’s with Acu-Temp’s Red Flags for Realtors list. While our “Red Flags for Realtors” list in no way could replace an inspection from an AC expert, it may give you a little peace of mind when you’re advising a client or negotiating a home sale. After all, knowledge is power and when it comes to a home’s HVAC system having all the knowledge you can gather is your best bet for helping your clients buy or sell a home.

Age of the AC System

Just because a system is a few years wise, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on the way out. On the other hand, age is one of Acu-Temp’s Red Flags for Realtors for a reason. An old and decrepit HVAC system may still run, but could give a home buyer problems at any time. It’s a good idea to have the AC thoroughly inspected to alert you of possible issues that a seller may want to address. Basically, this type of due diligence gives clients the advantage – knowing whether or not to expect the added expense of future repairs or having to replace a system or not.

Size of the Home Vs. Size of the System

If the home has a large square footage, or perhaps is a two-story home, and the air conditioning is running and running and it just doesn’t seem to be getting cool – the home may be too large for the system in place. While this issue doesn’t pop up as much as others, if the home is older and has had a second story added on, this can certainly be the case and is worthy of inclusion in Acu-Temp’s Red Flags for Realtors. If you’re worried about this for a client, it’s best to suggest that a qualified HVAC contractor take a look and provide their expert guidance.

Rust & External Damage

Since we live in Florida, rust on the external system is likely to occur and while this does not necessarily indicate that the HVAC system is bad, it may be indicative of a lack of maintenance and general care for the system. As the AC ages, poor maintenance does impact the performance of the system and definitely raises red flags. If the AC really looks rusted and busted, your client may want to consider calling in the experts to take a look and service the entire system.

Mold… Yikes!  

We said it… the “M” word! The fact is, mold is a part of life in Florida. Our combination of heat and humidity makes it nearly impossible to eliminate mold from our homes. It’s important to remember that not all mold is harmful to us (unless allergies are an issue), but if you see signs of mold in a home, and believe that mold is a problem, then a qualified mold remediation service should inspect the home. For all the mold-a-phobics out there (Acu-Temp employees included), we have great news for you! There is new technology now available that utilizes UV lights within the air conditioning system to kill mold and bacteria. The result – improved air quality in a home. Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling can install this technology for you and your clients – we’re available for scheduling this service at a time convenient for all.

Did a Qualified HVAC Contractor Install the System?

A final item on our Red Flags for Realtors list is whether or not a qualified HVAC contractor was used to install a new system. A new AC in a home is pointless if it wasn’t installed correctly, with permits pulled as the county requires, and inspected properly by county officials. Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling is a licensed HVAC contractor and we take all the necessary steps to ensure your client’s new AC is installed and working in tip-top shape.

Get Expert Help!  

Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling is here to help all our Central Florida Realtors! We offer HVAC inspections, affordable air conditioning maintenance plans, new system installation and more. We’ve been keeping Polk County cool since 1984 and we’re available 24/7 to keep you and your clients at just the right temperature. Contact us today – especially if you notice any of these pesky Red Flags for Realtors!

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