Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling is proud to support the air conditioning and heating needs of Polk County residents. Owned and operated by Lakeland natives, Acu-Temp’s team is always on the lookout for deals and steals to help our neighbors keep their cool year-round. That’s why we’re putting out the AC savings alert signal… which we would love to look similar to the bat signal, but we digress. Acu-Temp’s AC Savings Alert Signal helps you fight the rising costs of heating and cooling with savings on new energy efficient systems that impact your monthly electric bills and put money back in your pocket.

Here’s the Deal:

Upgrade your system to a York system of 15 SEER or higher, now through December 31, 2018, and you’ll receive the following incentives:

  • 10-Year Parts AND Labor Warranty Courtesy of York
  • $300 Instant Credit on Your Next Electric Bill from Lakeland Electric
  • $300 Instant Rebate from York on HVAC Systems
Acu-Temp proudly uses York HVAC systems.

What’s SEER got to do with it?

When it comes to air conditioning, energy efficiency has become a topic of conversation. As electric bills rise from year to year, consumers are more and more interested in conserving energy while not impacting their level of comfort. AC manufacturers have innovated to keep up with consumer demands, and the SEER rating of the system shows how efficient it runs. SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Mathematically speaking, a SEER rating equals the amount of cooling divided by the amount of electricity used to produce the cooling. A more efficient system will have a larger SEER rating. A 15 SEER system’s cools much more efficiently than older 8 or 10 SEER rated systems.

Now’s the Time to Upgrade Your AC!  

So, if you’re contemplating a new HVAC system, now’s the time to upgrade and enjoy the rebates! When you purchase a York system of 15 SEER or higher, with Acu-Temp’s expert installation, not only will you receive an instant $300 credit from York, but you’ll also get a $300 credit from Lakeland Electric! That’s $600 back in your pocket and a brand-new AC system with a 10-year parts and labor warranty! Acu-Temp’s been keeping Polk County cool since 1984 and we’re available 24/7 for all your AC needs and to send out the savings alert signal anytime we can help local residents. Contact us today and upgrade your HVAC to a York system of 15 SEER or higher – one that runs efficiently and keeps you and your loved ones at just the right temperature.

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