Committed to Keeping Lakeland “Cool”

Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling is committed to keeping Lakeland “cool” with outstanding AC repair and installation services year-round. We’re also committed to helping our beloved hometown gain an all-new “cool” factor. When we say cool, we mean cool like the in-crowd at school. Cool like an all-star sports hero. Cool like cats and dogs being best friends. You may wonder, how can we ensure Lakeland residents’ home temperatures and Lakeland’s status remains at an all-time level of coolness? Acu-Temp has the answer! You see, we’ve been keeping the area cool since 1984 so we are experts when it comes to what’s not cool and what’s super cool. Here are a few examples: Not Cool: Picking Your Nose While Driving Your Car Definitely not cool to catch someone picking their nose in the car. We’ve all looked over when stopped at a traffic light only to discover our fellow Lakelander digging somewhere they really shouldn’t in public. Super Cool: Acu-Temp’s Emergency AC Repair Services    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when your air conditioning calls it quits and you’re feeling the summer heat! Call 863-682-3803 when you need our AC repair services and we’ll send a qualified technician to help you get your cool back. Not Cool: When You Share Your Ice Cream & Your Friend Takes a GIANT Bite   This is so not cool! Here you are sharing your ice cream out of the goodness of your heart and your friend goes in for a “small” bite and nearly half is gone. Just like that – half your ice cream… gone. Not cool. Super Cool: Using Acu-Temp for AC Maintenance It’s totally cool to use Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling for expert maintenance services that will keep your air conditioning system working and in great condition. We even offer maintenance packages that are priced right and will give you that cool-factor we all want for our homes. Not Cool: Mullet Haircuts    We believe this hairstyle has never been cool. That is all. Super Cool: Acu-Temp Cares About Your Safety & Security We make sure our technicians are not only experts in AC, but they have to pass a background check through Your safety and security are more than cool to us – and you can trust that we will let you know who is coming to your home and they will be in an Acu-Temp uniform with a company badge and driving an Acu-Temp service vehicle. Trust Acu-Temp to Keep You Cool!   At Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling, your “cool” is our priority year-round – especially through the heat of summer. We’re here for our community and are committed to keeping Lakeland cool for years to come!

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