We are in it folks! The rainy season has arrived and with it the potential for high winds, thunder storms, tropical storms and of course, hurricanes. It’s true that in most cases, the only threat to your HVAC system in the event of rain is a power outage, but there are other cases to consider when it comes to our stormy Polk County weather. That’s why we are here for you with Acu-Temp’s Rainy-Day AC Tip: Maintain Before the Rain.

Proactive AC Maintenance

Storm Threats

A well-maintained AC in Florida is built to withstand some pretty tough weather. So, while typical rainy days will not impact your outdoor unit, a major thunder storm can mean high winds. With wind there could be debris like large tree limbs or loose refuse that could find its way to damaging your outdoor unit. This type of storm threat is fairly easy to avoid – simply trim back or remove unhealthy limbs or trees, and ensure any loose debris is secured before a storm is on the horizon.  

Water Threats   

As noted above, your average Florida thunderstorm and rain will not impact a solid HVAC system, but water damage can occur in specific situations. For instance, rust and condensation can occur if it’s raining and you have items sitting on top of your outdoor unit. This can damage your unit and cause unnecessary and costly repairs. Acu-Temp recommends that you do not place anything on top of your exterior air conditioning unit. In some areas of Lakeland and Polk County, flooding may be a concern in extreme weather conditions. If you are concerned about your exterior HVAC unit due to the threat of flooding, get a consultation from a qualified Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling technician.

Technician Safety 

As Lakeland’s Best of the Best in AC Services, Acu-Temp’s HVAC technicians are prepared to help you have your AC professionally maintained before a storm heads your way. The safety of our technicians is very important to our company – we can’t keep you cool without them, so, for safety’s sake, if there’s a major storm with lighting in the area – it would not be safe for our technicians to answer a service call. With that said, it’s best to have regular and proactive AC maintenance performed in advance of storms. In doing so, you can stay nice a cool during all rainy days at home… not sweaty and steamy in the Florida heat! 

Acu-Temp’s Maintenance Plans for the Win!  

Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling has AC maintenance plans that are affordable and convenient. Our residential services are designed to ensure that your HVAC is performing at top levels no matter what the weather man says is coming our way. So take our advice and maintain before the rain! 

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Rainy Weather is No Match for Acu-Temp Heating & Cooling!