It has finally gotten cold enough that you might have to actually have turn on your heat in Florida.

Oh no what is that smell? Is something on fire?  Wait a minute…. it is just the heater turning on for the first time in who knows when. So don’t worry it is normal because it is just the dust burning off the heat strip. This is normal when you the first time you start using your heat in Florida, after a long summer of showers.

Oh no why is the outside unit steaming? Is something broken? No don’t worry it is normal for steam to come off the heat pump outside. This means that your unit is most likely running in defrost cycle and it will be fine.

Oh no what about if I have a gas heater? You need to make sure make sure the pilot is lit and your gas is turned on.

If you are still have a problem after reading these tips, please feel free to contact us so we can help get your heat running smoothly.

In the meantime enjoy the short lived cold weather by dressing in some winter clothes, taking a walk and snuggling by the fire!