What is a heat pump? And how can it save you money?

Most of the year us Floridians rarely have to worry about using our heat. So when it does get cold it is our natural response when we walk into a house that is 67 degrees to turn it up to at least 72. After all a true Floridian is cold with anything lower than 70 degrees! But this is NOT the way you want to heat your home. When you turn up the thermostat that many degrees it turns on your heat pump and your heat strip. This can create a huge spike in your electrical usage and therefore your utility bill.

What is a heat pump? And how can it save you money? Acu-temp Lakeland

Instead the proper way to heat your home is slowly. The thermostat should have an indicator light or message stating emergency heat that will let you know if you have turned the heat up high enough that both the heat pump and heat strip are on. So only turn up the thermostat a degree or two at time so this does not happen. That way only your heat pump comes on and you use 65% less electricity. This will keep you from getting a large utility bill. So next time when you get home and you are freezing, instead of turning the heat way up, grab a jacket instead so you can do it slowly!

Also keep in mind that if you program your thermostat to a reasonable temperature, when you are gone it will not get too cold in the house. That way you don’t have to worry about it taking so long to heat up.

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